Radharani’s parrots chanting

Parrots chanting

Today there has been a big meeting of saris (Radharani’s parrots) in Radha Tila, hundreds of them, just below my asrama.

It has been many years I did not see so many in this place. Unfortunately buildings have chased away not only peackock but birds also.
Maybe ten years ago or more there were thousands.

I recorded this auspicious sounds.


Listen to the parrots


History / Vraja Places / VVV / Vrindavana, main / audio / Parrots chanting 2018-11-24.mp3


Unfortunately I am unable to upload the pictures. Subscribers can see them at the same spot. Only choose Images /  Parrots chanting 2018-11-24


– Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)




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