Only You Maintain Your Most Radiant and Exquisite Beauty

The female parrot named Sukṣmadhī[1] wore on her neck like a string of pearls all the knowledge about sevā that she learned from Vṛndā-devī. She felt intoxicated from drinking the liquor of prema. She spoke in order to waken Rādhā[2].

Sukṣmadhī said,

“O sakhī! Give up Your lethargy, get up and awaken Your lover as well! Immediately leave the grove and return home. Do not create an opportunity for the townspeople to defame You. The wise act when the time is right[3].

“O moon-faced maiden! All fear has fled from Your heart now that You lie in the embrace of Vrajendranandana. Why do You carelessly remain sound asleep even at the end of night? At least You can move to another place in the kuñja, which resounds with swarms of maddened bees. Are You not even thinking about what Your elders might level against You if they catch You here?[4]

“O Sudati[5]! A swarm of bees, drunk from sporting in the laps of the white water lilies, move restlessly toward a cluster of blooming lotuses to engage in a love tryst. Because of the time of day the bees have lost interest in the lilies and have become enchanted by the lotus flowers[6].

“The stars have vanished from the sky, Your necklaces have fallen from Your body and the white flowers have dropped from the śephālīkā tree. Even though all three have lost their ornaments, only You maintain Your most radiant and exquisite beauty. As the pearls from Your broken necklace have dropped on the ground, the stars have disappeared from the sky and now only a few remain. Just see! Arundhatī[7], alarmed at seeing You still sleeping on Syama’s chest, hides Her face within the constellation of the Sapṭa Rṣīs.[8]

Rādhā gave up Her sleep upon hearing the sweet, charming words of the parrots. Shortly later, Krishna also awakened, satisfied with His happy repose[9].

[1] Keen intelligence

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[5] Girl with sparkling white teeth

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[7] The morning star, personified as the symbol of chastity and the wife of Vasiṣṭha, one of the seven sages

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