Now Radharani’s Exquisite Beauty Will be Glorified in Detail

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Now Radharani’s exquisite beauty will be glorified in detail.

She is most skillful in arts of various kinds, and She is the personification of an ocean of nectar.

Radha’s supremely radiant fair complexion resembles fresh gorocana, molten gold or stationary lightning.

Radharani is attired in beautiful blue clothes. She is decorated by various kinds of pearls and flowers.

Srimati Radharani’s body is full of fairness (lavanya[1]) and decorated with pearl necklaces. Her hair is long and Her wonderful braid is decorated by beautifully strung flower garlands.

Radha’s enchanting forehead is radiantly decorated by a dot of vermillion. The beautiful locks of hair swaying on Her cheeks together with Her astonishing mark of tilaka cross the pinnacle of all beauty.

Even Cupid, who has two very charming arms, is bewildered by Sri Radha’s lovely arms, which are beautified by bracelets made of blue jewels.

Radharani’s wide lotus eyes, which extend to Her ears, are beautified with the radiant glow of collyrium. It appears as if the unique beauty of Her lotus eyes has conquered all the beauty in the three worlds.

Srimati Radharani’s nose is attractive like a sesame flower and is decorated with a pearl. She, who is scented with various fragrances, is supremely beautiful.

Her jewelled earrings (tadanka) are made with various artistic styles.

Her lips are even more pleasing than nectar and their reddish colour defeats the beauty of the red lotus.

Srimati Radharani’s rows of teeth, which are beautified by Her graceful tongue, are radiant like lines of pearls. Her charming lotus face is like a mine of the beauty of millions of moons, and it is endowed with a loving smile as sweet as nectar.

Radha’s charming chin bewilders even Cupid. The dot of kajala on Her chin looks just like a black bee resting upon a golden lotus.

Her neck is decorated with pearl necklaces and marked with three lines which enhance the beauty of Her neck. Her back and the nape of Her neck are beautiful and charming, and the sides of Her body captivate the mind.

Srimati Radharani’s most attractive chest is beautified by Her golden breasts. It is covered by a blouse and decorated with a pearl necklace.

The jewelled armlets upon Radha’s beautiful, lovely and enchanting arms are beautified with small, swaying rings.

Her wrists are beautified by jewelled bracelets and bangles, as well as bracelets made of thirty-two pearl strings.

Her hands, which look like reddish lotuses, shimmer in the unprecedented radiance of Her moon-like nails.


[1] Lustre emanating from bodily limbs, that resembles the splendour that glows from within a pearl (Jaiva-dharma, Chapter 35).


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