Answers to some questions: a brief outline of how to act.

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Answers to some questions:


– It is not true that we must be detached from acting. On the contrary, we must act because it is the nature of the soul.

– It is not true that we must be detached from producing good results from our actions. On the contrary we must strive so that everything we do is a success.

– It is not even true that we should not wish to ultimately enjoy the results of the action, since we are made of ananda.

What is true is that we must be detached from directly enjoying the results of our actions. First, everything must be offered to Krishna to become “prasada,” or spiritual.
We are happy that Krishna is happy, and this happiness should be desired by us. This is a result of our actions that we can desire to enjoy.


Devotional service is the art of all work.

buddhi-yukto jahatiha
ubhe sukrta-duskrte
tasmad yogaya yujyasva
yogah karmasu kausalam
“A man engaged in devotional service rids himself of both good and bad actions even in this life. Therefore strive for yoga, which is the art of all work.”


– Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)

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