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I apologize if I answer in English to a question in Spanish language. I hope somebody will translate it.


Kaliya Damanavana is one of Vrindavana sub-forest is a forest lying north of Gocaranavana and contains many ancient kadamba trees.

Among them is the Keli Kadamba tree on which Sri Krishna climbed to a high branch, tied His yellow cloth (pitambara) around His waist and jumped into the Yamuna to subdue the Kaliya serpent. Because Krishna performed a pastime (keli) here this particular tree is known as Keli Kadamba.

Adjacent to this keli-kadamba is the bhajana-kuti and samadhi of Sri Prabodhananda Sarasvati. Nearby on the bank of Kaliya Daha is Srila Bilvamangala’s place of bhajana. The word Daha refers to the poisonous waters resulted by Kaliya poison. Kaliya and his wives lived in this hrada (lake) inside the Yamuna. Literally Daha means burning.

Kaliya Hrada is where Krishna subdued the multi-hooded and venomous serpent (naga) known as Kaliya, by ecstatically dancing on the snake’s many hoods.

According to authorities, this Kadamba tree is 5,000 years old and is the same that Krishna climbed to jump into the Yamuna. Still visible are Krishna’s footprints on the tree.

It is few minutes away from Dvadasaditya Tila (the hill upon which stands Sanatana Gosvami’s Madana Mohana Mandira).


The complete wonderful story of Krishna Kaliya Lila with important places and stories related to this incident (Kaliya Hrada, Kaliya Ghat, Saubhari Muni cursing Garuda, Kaliya’s wives donating the Kaustubha jewel to Sri Krishna and all others) will be told in our next book.





Haré krsna Maharaja

Dandavas agtSP

Sobre el kaliya gath que esta en Vrindaban, se dice que el árbol kadamba que existe ahi es el mismo árbol de dónde krsna brinco para matar a la serpiente kaliya.

Puede explicar un poco más si es el mismo árbol que hace 5000 años y algunos detalles más sobre este lugar.

Dicen que hay marcas en el árbol.

Muchas gracias 



Ys Paramesvari dd

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