Just Like Fire and Heat

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Brahmā realized that all the different forms of boys and calves transformed into Visnu forms were not transformed by a mysticism of the type that a yogī or a demigod can display by specific powers invested in him. The calves and boys transformed into Visnu-mūrtis, or Visnu forms, were not displays of Visnu-māyā, or Visnu’s energy, but were Visnu Himself.

The respective qualifications of Visnu and Visnu-māyā are just like fire and heat. In the heat there is the qualification of fire, namely warmth; and yet heat is not fire. The manifestation of the Visnu forms of the boys and calves was not like the heat but was rather the fire – they were all actually Visnu. Factually, the qualification of Visnu is full truth, full knowledge and full bliss. Another example can be given with material objects, which are reflected in many, many forms.

For example, the sun is reflected in many waterpots, but the reflections of the sun in the many pots are not actually the sun. There is no actual heat or light from the suns in the pots, although they appear like the sun. But the forms which Krishna assumed were each and every one full Visnu. The specific word used in this connection is satya-jñānānantānanda. Satya means truth; jñāna, full knowledge; ananta, unlimited; and ānanda, full bliss.


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