In a Short Time, Transcendental Emotions Will Awaken in You

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The efforts of one who is steadfast in the performance of bhajana are described in the Hari-bhakti-vilasa:


evam ekantinam prayah

kirtanam smaranam prabhoh

kurvatah parama-pritya

krtyamanyan na rocyate


bhavena kenacit prestha

sri-murter anghri sevane

syadicchaisam sva-mantrena

sva-rasenaiva tad vidhih


vihitesv eva nityesu

pravartante svayam hi te

sarva-tyagepy aheyayah

sarvanartha-bhuvas ca te


kuryuh pratistha-visthayah

yatnam asparsane varam

prabhate cardharate ca

madhyahne divasaksaye

kirtayanti harim ye go

na tesam anya-sadhanam

Devotees who have their minds fixed on hearing and singing Krishna’s glories in pure love have no taste for other pursuits. Serving one’s beloved deities with diksa mantras stimulates in them a taste for svarasiki bhajana (worship according to one’s particular rasa). The activities of such raganuga bhakta arise from spontaneous devotion to Krishna, activities which are never contrary to the injunctions of the sastras.

Of all material desires, the desire for fame is the most difficult to eradicate. Often compared to excrement, this is the root cause of all anarthas. A person, therefore, should carefully avoid touching this excrement which takes the form of a desire for fame.

One who frees himself from his anarthas by engaging in chanting and listening in the early morning, at dawn, at noon and at midnight, easily receives Krishna’s mercy. Those who chant the holy name with full faith in association with the devotees get rid of the anarthas and attain the level of nistha.


In the morning, remember Krishna’s eternal pastimes, and gradually you will attain bhava. In Govinda-lilamrta it is written:

radham snata-vibhusitam vrajapayahutam sakhibhih prage

tad-gaha vihitanna-paka-racanam krishnavasesanam

krishnam buddham avapta-dhenu-sadanam nirvyudha-go-dohanam

susnatam krta-bhojanam saha-caraistam catha tam casrye

I take refuge in Srimati Radharani. After finishing Her ablutions and adorning Her body, Radharani is called by Mother Yasoda early in the morning. Then Radha, along with Her friends, goes to Mother Yasoda’s house and prepares a great variety of delicious dishes which are offered to Krishna. Radharani then accepts the remnants of food left by Krishna. And on these occasions, She has a chance to meet Krishna from time to time.

I also take refuge in Krishna. Early in the morning, after getting out of bed, Krishna goes to the stable to milk the cows. Following His daily routine, Krishna then returns home and, after washing, eats with His shepherd friends.

In the morning remember this pastime and, overwhelmed by love, chant the holy name in association with the devotees. In a short time, the bhava (transcendental emotions) will awaken in you.


Thus ends the Dvitiya-yama Sadhana of Sri Bhajana rahasya.


This is a section of the book “Bhajana Rahasya”, by Bhaktivinode Thakura.

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