She’s Not Come?

Kyon Nai (Konai)

“The old name of this village is ‘Kennai’ which is derived from the words, ‘Kyon na ayi’ meaning ‘She’s not come?’ 

These words were spoken by Krishna while searching for Radharani at this place, which is one of the sites where Radha and Krishna would hold their secret meetings. 


One day, while Krishna was herding His cows in the nearby forest, He slipped away and came to this place for a secret meeting with Radharani, but on arrival found that She was not there waiting for Him. 

Suddenly feeling intense separation from His beloved Radha, Krishna started searching from one grove to the next in order to find Her. Krishna then noticed passing nearby, one of Radharani’s messengers and enquired from her. 

“Kyon na ayi” 


“She’s not come?” 

Radharani’s messenger replied. 

”No, Your beloved Radha did not come.” 

 On hearing the words of the messenger, Krishna became very sad and felt dejected at not being able to meet His beloved Radha. 


Meanwhile, hiding themselves in a nearby grove along with Radharani, the gopis were very satisfied to see the heartfelt feelings of separation shown by Krishna. 

Suddenly coming out from the grove, the gopis brought Radharani before Krishna and His mood of separation immediately changed to one of ecstatic reunion. 

The gopis then made various tasteful arrangements for the ‘Divine Couple’ to enjoy their secret meeting at this place.


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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