Haroyan Gram

This village is currently called Piparavara and is situated four miles north of Sanchuli-Gram, near of Nand Gaon and Barsana.

Here, Radha defeated Krishna in a game of dice and won His flute.



Once, Radhika consulted Lalita and the other sakhis, saying,

“Since Krishna is physically more powerful than us, He defeats us in the games which depend upon bodily strength. Please think of a game based upon intelligence by which we can easily defeat Him.”

Lalita Sakhi advised Radhaji to challenge Krishna to a game of dice. The sakhis then challenged Krishna to a game.

It had no sooner started, when Radhika easily defeated Him and snatched away His flute, which had been kept on stake. Madhu-mangal, who was sitting nearby, pretended to be sad and said,

“Kanhaiya, the gopis have just taken Your flute, and they will now confiscate everything of Yours. You are expert at grazing the cows, so go and do that. I feel very unhappy when I see You defeated like this.”

Saying this, he started laughing. Krishna rebuked him. He called him a talkative brahmana and told him to keep quiet. This village has been named Haroyan on account of this pastime, in which Krishna was defeated at dice. Harna means “to be defeated”.


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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