Fourth month of Caturmasya

Fourth month of Caturmasya


Performing vrata in the month of Kartika (Damodara) is glorified profusely in the Puranas. Since this month is very dear to Krsna, by performing austerities, or restraining ones sense gratification and performing activities to please the senses of the Lord, one becomes very dear to the Krsna. As Satya yuga is the best of yugas, as the vedas are the best of scriptures, as ganga is the best of rivers, so kartika is the best of months, the most dear to Krsna. The vrata may begin on the ekadasi of the waxing moon of asvina, on the purnima, or (samkranti) when the sun enters the house of Libra.

Five activities are glorified: staying awake, early morning bath, worship of Tulasi, offering lamps and performing austerities.
One should practice brahmacarya, give charity, and perform homa and japa.

One is advised to give up eating beans, kalami saka, patola, eggplant, meat, fish, liquor, oil massage, illicit sex, grains cooked by others.

One should eat once a day.

One should increase ones devotional service by performing more deity worship, hearing and speaking about the Lord, by extra japa of the Lord’s name, worshipping tulasi, staying awake at night chanting, visiting holy tirthas and offering lamps to the Lord.
One should worship Radha Damodara and recite the Damodarastaka daily.


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