For Me All These Great Souls Are Equal

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  1. Suklambara Brahmacari was the incarnation of one of the yajnapatnis[1] who gave food in charity to Krishna and his friends. Lord Caitanya was accustomed to eating food He had begged from Suklambara Brahmacari.

Some say that Suklambara Brahmacari was not one of the yajna-patnis, but one of their husbands, the yajnika-brahmanas.


  1. Two other yajna-patnis appeared as Jagadisa and Hiranya.

One ekadasi day Lord Caitanya ate grains he had begged from them.


  1. Kubja, who had been very to dear to Lord Krishna in Mathura, later appeared in Jagannatha Puri as Kasi Misra, who was very dear to Lord Caitanya.


194-207 Malati, Candralatika, Manjumedha, Varangada, Ratnavali, Kamala, Gunacuda, Sukesini, Karpura Manjari, Syama Manjari, Sveta Manjari, Vilasa Manjari, Kamalekha, Mauna Manjari, Gandhonmada, Rasonmada, Candrika, and Candrasekhara, were among the maidservants of Srimati Radharani.

Assuming male forms they appeared among Lord Caitanya’s associates, and each displayed his particular kind of ecstatic love for the Lord.

These gopis became Subhananda Dvija, Sridhara Brahmacari, Paramananda Gupta[2], Raghunatha Dvija (who was an unalloyed servant of Lord Caitanya), Kamsari Sena, Sri Jagannatha Sena Mahasaya, Subuddhi Misra, Sriharsa, Raghu Misra (who was the best of the brahmanas), Jitamitra[3], Sriman Bhagavatacarya[4], Sriman Jiva Pandita[5], Vaninatha Dvija[6], Isanacarya, Kamala, Laksminatha Pandita, Ganga-mantri, Jagannatha Mamu[7], Srikanthabharana Ananta[8], Hastigopala[9], Hari Acarya, Srinayana Misra[10], Kavidatta, Ramadasa, Ciranjiva, and Sulocana respectively.


  1. Someone may consider that among these devotees some are greatly exalted and others are a little less.

I will not make any such distinctions. For me all these great souls are equal.


[1] Wives of the brahmanas who were performing vedic sacrifices

[2] The author of the book Sri Krishna-stavavali

[3] Jitamrita, whose appropriate name meaning ‘conqueror of the enemies’, was given by Lord Caitanya because Jitamitra had completely subdued lust and the other five enemies of the conditioned soul

[4] He was very dear to Lord Caitanya and wrote the book Krishna-prema-tarangini

[5] He was the saintly son of Sri Vallabha

[6] He lived in the village of Campahatta, and who was very dear to Lord Caitanya

[7] He was a very elevated brahmana

[8] He was born in the Catta dynasty

[9] He lived in Rangaksetra, and who was very dear to Lord Caitanya

[10] He was a close associate of Lord Caitanya


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