Form of arts in Vedic times

nata-nartaka-gandharvah suta-magadha-vandinah gayanti cottamasloka- caritany adbhutani ca   nata — dramatists; nartaka — dancers; gandharvah — celestial singers; suta — professional historians; magadha — professional genealogists; vandinah — professional learned speakers; gayanti — chant; ca — … Read More


The seven mothers

According to scriptures also, there are seven mothers: (1) the real mother, (2) the wife of the spiritual master, (3) the wife of a brahmana, (4) the wife of the king, (5) the cow, (6) the … Read More


Bilvamangala Thakura

Sri Bilvamangala Thakura, a great acarya of the Visnu Svami Vaisnava sect, in his householder life was overly attached to a prostitute who happened to be a devotee of the Lord. One night when the Thakura … Read More

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