The Liquid Beauty

Once upon a time a prince met very beautiful young girl. He visited her house to see her but she was very chaste. The prince wanted to marry this beautiful girl but … Read More

Drona Parva of the Maha-bharata: index of the main events

Sanjaya tells to Dhritarastra of the fall of Bhisma Karna enters the field Bhishma blesses Karna Drona appointed general Fall of Drona; story Duryodhana asks Drona to capture Yudhisthira The samsaptaka (the … Read More

Algunos puntos sobre el Maha Mantra Hare Krishna

PREGUNTA 1 ¿CÓMO HACER PARA QUE YO PUEDA GUSTAR DEL MANTRA COMO ALGO GRANDIOSO?   Respuesta Hare Krishna Estimado *** Prabhu, Por favor acepte mis reverencias. Todas las glorias sean para Srila … Read More

Hayagriva, the avatara

The first story 1) In Vedic litarature :-In Vedic literature incarnation as Hayagriva is attributed not to Visnu, but to Yajna. But the Taittiriya aranyaka depicts Yajna as a protoform of Visnu. … Read More

Gauridas in Vrindavana consciousness

One day, just to increase the divine love of Gauridasa Pandita, the murtis of Shri Gaura-Nityananda decided to revive in Gauridasa Pandita the Vrindavana conception. At that time they smiled sweetly and … Read More

A tour through Vrindavana

This provides a description of a tour through Vrindavana, the Holy Land of Lord Krishna where He displayed many of His most intimate pastimes. Thus, we can see that the stories found … Read More

Definition of pure devotional service

Srila Rupa Gosvami defines pure devotional service as the tendency to be fully engaged in Krishna consciousness, serving Radha Krishna with love and devotion. Nothing else is present in the mind and … Read More

Qué es amor puro?

Preguntas ¿qué es amor puro? ¿Cómo amar a la deidad? ¿Cuando le doy un amor material y cuando le amo verdaderamente?   Respuestas Srila Rupa Gosvami define el servicio devocional puro como … Read More

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