A denizen of Vrindavana.

Abhinanda wears dark garments and his long beautiful beard is like a great conchshell.
Pivari-devi is his wife.
She wears blue garments and her complexion is pink.
Radha Krishna Ganoddesa Dipika


Nanda Maharaja brothers (Abhinanda)
The second eldest brother, Sri Abhinanda, has a fair complexion resembling the colour of a conch shell and his beard is long. He wears black clothes.
His wife, Pivari, has blue clothing and a pinkish complexion.
Radha Krishna Ganoddesa Dipika


Nanda Maharaja’s brothers
Sri Nanda Maharaja has two elder brothers –
Upananda and Abhinanda
– and two younger –
Sananda and Nandana.
The four of them are Sri Krishna’s paternal uncles.




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