A detached sage seats on the banks of Radhakunda

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Maya is so strong. It’s unbelievable what she is able to make you convinced of. 
mama maya duratyaya
So true. 

Forms and names and events. All falses. They will go away and nothing will remain. 
What illusion, what falsity. 
Maya is so strong. 

Maya is gone. 
What is Maya? I don’t even remember of her. 

A detached sage seats on the banks of Radhakunda. He just puts three drops of holy water in his head, absorbed in deep thoughts. He remembers Radha-Krishna lilas. 

Nobody understand who he is. He keeps long hairs and long beard, so someone will think “he is just a beggar”. 
Most people think he is a normal human being. 
But he came from Radhakunda to Radhakunda. His heart is a festival of emotions. He was transcendentally angried by seeing Sakhisthali, he was overjoyed by seeing Radhakunda. Where is Lalila Sakhi? 

It’s a festival of transcendental love. 



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