With Chanting, the Heart is Bathed in Transcendental Happiness

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Devotees Chanting in 1968

The chanting of the holy name allows us to taste all the nectar at every step. This is described as follows in the Padma Purana:

tebhyo namo ‘stu bhava-vari-dhi-jirna-panka


krsneti varna-yugalam sravanena yesam

anandathur bhavati narttitaroma-vrndah

Devotees are filled with happiness and the hairs on their bodies stand on end when they hear the name Krishna. I prostrate myself at the feet of those devotees, who are experts in delivering drowning people in the material ocean. With chanting, the heart is bathed in transcendental happiness.


It is confirmed in Srimad-Bhagavatam (12.12.48):

sankirtyamano bhagavan anantah

srutanubhavo vyasanam hi pumsam

pravisya cittam vidhunoty asesam

yatha tamo ‘rko’ bhram ivati-vatah

When people properly glorify the Supreme Personality of God or even just when they hear about His power, the Lord personally enters their hearts and sweeps away any trace of misfortune, just as the sun dispels darkness or as a mighty wind sweeps away the clouds.

Under the protection of Lord Krishna’s name the mirror of the heart is cleared and the living entity attains Krishna-prema very quickly.

The holy name of Krishna, overflowing with transcendental bliss, is the embodiment of transcendental sweetness. In Namastaka (8) it is written:

narada-vinojjivana sudhormi-


tvam krsna-nama kamam sphura

me rasane rasena sada

O Krishna-nama! You infuse life into the vina of Narada Muni, and the sweetness that flows from You is the personification of the essence of waves of nectar. I pray, therefore, that You will always manifest Yourself on my tongue with transcendental rasas.

According to Namastaka (2), the holy name is worshiped by liberated souls, as even namabhasa destroys all kinds of suffering.

jaya namadheya muni-vrnda-geya

jana-ranjanaya paramaksarakrte

tvam anadarad api manag udiritam

nikhilogra-tapa-patalim vilumpasi

Oh Hari-nama! The great sages always glorify You. You kindly manifested yourself as a transcendental sound to give people attachment to the Lord and grant them good luck. If someone pronounces You even negligently, You destroy the grave material sufferings in him. Here is Your immense power.


This is a section of the book “Bhajana Rahasya”, by Bhaktivinode Thakura.

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