Who is a Suta

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A Suta is a child of a pratiloma marriage between a kshatriya male and a brahmani female.
Pratiloma, means “inverse”. The Manu Smriti states that a girl of higher caste should not marry into a lower caste but should marry into a higher caste. However other types of marriages were not prohibited.

The idea that the Suta caste was low class is wrong. The whole of the Yadu Vamsa was in that class since it came from the marriage of Yayati (a Ksatriya) and Devayani (a Brahmani).

However is considered lower than the pure Brahmana class. This is the reason why Vyasadeva did not entrust any of the Vedas to Lomaharsana who was a Suta. The Sutas can cover various works of both Brahmanas (Lomaharsana was an historian) and Ksatriyas (Atiratha was driving war charriots).

A Suta is not barred from holding very high positions. Lomaharsana’s son Ugrasrava (better known as Suta Gosvami) sat on the vyasasana in front of the most important Brahmanas of his time.



Sauti means son of a Suta. The #Suta was a class of professional historians. They were not pure Brahmanas, since it was a mixed class of a brahmana woman and a Ksatriya man. It was for this reason that Vyasa didn’t entrust Lomaharsana with a Veda, which must be given only to pure Brahmanas. Vyasa gave Lomaharsana the Itihasas and the Puranas. His son Ugrasrava followed his father’s path.


– Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)
19 June 2020

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