Where are the original manuscripts of Vyasadeva?

Where are the original manuscripts of Vyasadeva?


Dear Antonio and Marcelo,
Hare Krishna.

I have a particular liking for the questions no one has ever done to me and after so many years of studying and preaching Krishna consciousness it is not easy for these to come. This is definitely one of those and it makes me happy to see that someone want to know this kind of things.

As Marcelo rightly said, until the end of Dvapara Yuga i Veda (his dhatu, or verbal root, is ‘vid, to know) were handed down exclusively in oral form. When Vyasadeva saw the need for the writing, the oral form did not immediately disappear but the two forms continued in parallel for some time. Even today it is used that a teacher speaks and the disciple repeats.
It will be enough to read the names of the disciples of Vyasadeva to understand that they were not less qualified than their teacher.

Vyasa entrusted the Rigveda to Paila Rishi,
To Vaisampayana the Yajurveda,
To Jaimini the Samaveda,
To Sumantu the Atharvaveda,
To Romaharsana the Itihasas and the Puranas.
And when one reads the names of their disciples and what they did with the Vedas, the Upanga, the Vedanga, the Aranyakas, etc., one realizes that they were well qualified to continue the oral tradition.

At present we only know that the Maha-bharata was written down by Ganesa on the dictation of Vyasadeva, while no one knows who and when all the other literature were put into writing.
We will do researches.

Like all divine creations, these are not available to humans and remain hidden. For example, one knows where Vyasadeva lives but he and his asrama are not visible to human eyes. So even if we knew where the original manuscripts are, we could not use them.

Also millennia have passed since those days and we could not ask a librarian where they are.

Some more recent Sastra (sacred writings), like those of Jiva Gosvami, are available in Vrindavana, but it is legitimate to have doubts about their authenticity. You can not accept something authentic just because it’s written on a leaf.
The theme of authority is one of the most important.


– Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)
December 14, 2018



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