What is the difference between the activities of devotees and karmis?

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Make as much advancement as you can in the fields of science, art, industry, and worldly morality. We do not object, because such pursuits will help the cultivation of devotional service in many ways. We are not renunciants but devoted. We only say that all activities should be performed in the Krsna conscious spirit. May we never engage in activities induced by our own self-interest. Let all activities be performed with the aim of making advancement on the path of devotional service to the Lord. As far as the activities themselves are concerned, there is no difference between your life and mine. The only difference is that you engage in the activities as a matter of duty and I engage in them in the mood of serving the Supreme Lord. May my endeavor for karma be destroyed at some point by my own dissatisfaction with that path. You too will retire from karmic activities at some point. But you will retire uselessly, whereas I will retire only to be engaged in devotional service to the Supreme Lord. For you this material world is a field of activity; for me it is a field in which to cultivate Krsna consciousness. I consider ail your activities hostile because you engage in lhem for their own sake. You do not act for the Lord’s pleasure. You are a karrrii, but I am a devotee.

(Conclusion of Caitanya-siksamrta)


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