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  1. Ifeel giddiness when I fast for Ekadasi. What to do?
    2. Shall I have to take bath compulsorily before chanting in the early morning?


Two question today:


“Deepak Nagwani” asked like this:

“Hare krishna prabhuji, I am a pure krishna devotee, i m keeping ekadashi fast frm last 2yrs n frm last few months i feel dizziness i hv done with my body chk up also doctor told me not to keep fast as dizziness is caused coz of keeping fast but i cnt stop keeping ekadashi fast, is der any alternate or wt shud i do?? Can u advice me on this??”


First check up your Sugar and B.P. If you have abnormalities, don’t follow total fast. Instead observe partial fast.

I have already said that there are rules in Krishna Consciousness. But, acharyas like Srila Prabhupada have mercifully simplified them considering the present life style in kaliyuga that is working hard to earn money. For example, Srila Prabhupada wanted to fix 64 rounds of chanting a day initially. But, considering today’s trend and request of devotees, he fixed 16 rounds as minimum. 

Similarly, I have read that ONLY TOTAL FASTING is the actual Ekadasi Fast. However, Srila Prabhupada gave some relaxations and allowed devotees to take fruits, vegetables, milk, water, etc, because, he knew that the devotees were preaching hard for ISKCON and hence they needed energy to undertake the orders of their guru. So, to help them, Srila Prabhupada allowed some relaxations. 

However, even in vedic period, elders above 80, children, those having remarkable body ailments were exempted from observing Ekadasi fast and they will get the benefit of fasting even if they chant well on Ekadasi without observing fast.. 

So, if you have to work hard, stop total fasting. Because, as you feel giddiness, you may fall down while travelling that is risky one. Instead, follow Partial Fast in which you will avoid grains alone. Take fruits, vegetables, milk, water, nuts on Ekadasi day. You can prepare so many dishes without grains. You can see them even in our previous Ekadasi posts on Mohini Ekadasi.

However, if you have any body problems that prevents you from fasting, stop Ekadasi fasting totally and take all food and Chant as many rounds as possible. Beware, don’t take this relaxation as granted and stop fasting though you are in good health. 

If your health is alright, it is good to fast either partially or fully. I usually tell our New devotees: 

“Rules are to make you perfect. #Ekadasi fasting is for making your soul pure and also make your body’s digestive system clear. So, in case, you are genuinely not able to follow any rule, do not lament for it. Krishna is our best friend who is residing within us and hence He will understand us. So, out of all rules, try your best to follow as much as possible. Need not feel guilty for omission of one or two due to physical inabilities.”



“ Niveditha Krishna” asked like this:

“Hare Krishna prabhu ji plz accept my humble obsience.. I hav one doubt regarding Chanting…
Early morning after getting up we should chant without taking bath or after taking bath??? If possible please try to explain reason behind both cases.. Hare Krishna!!”


If you get up so early and you can, take bath first and then chant after that. However, if you find bathing difficult in the early morning, after waking up, brush yr teeth, clean yr face and feet and then start chanting. 

Better you do as much rounds as possible before sunrise. 4-6 in the morning is the best time for chanting. So, try to do within that time. 

As you are a woman, my extra tip for you is: On those three days every month, compulsorily take bath in the morning after bed and chant afterwards. 




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