We have lost our faith in the traditional Vedic knowledge


“Therefore in the present age respect for Deductive Process is dwindling whereas respect for Inductive Process is increasing although we know so far the Inductive research is concerned the process has not been successful.

The conclusion is that we have lost our faith in the traditional Vedic knowledge handed down from the Guru to Chela or from the father to the son, although such system of Deductive Knowledge from the authority is the most perfect form of knowledge.

The ultimate truth which is far beyond the reach of our imperfect senses can never be known by such inductive research work.

The imperfect senses could not even measure the distance of the physical product The Sun or the Innumerable stars in front of us—and what such imperfect senses can make a research in the Mantras which are purely spiritual affairs. We have to accept the Mantra and its potency from the Vedic source and follow the practice and principles only to arrive at reality of truth.

Research work by imperfect senses is practically a revolt against the established truth. Let us therefore accept the Vedic injunction of Brihannaradiya Puranam.”


Letter to Sri Padampat Singhania – Kanpur 7 May, 1957

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