Visakha Devi, a glimpse

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Visakha Sakhi

Visakha Devi is one of Shri Krishna’s eight primary sakhis, who are Lalita, Visakha, Campakalata, Citra, Tungavidya, Indulekha, Ranga-devi, Sudevi.
Her seva is to smear fragrant camphor on the bodies of Shri Radha-Krishna as she decks them. She is an expert at embroidering creepers and shrubs on garments which adorn the Lord.
The most learned of Lord Krishna’s astasakhis, Visakha is very intelligent in giving advice on various amorous frolics. Her judgement is inevitably correct because of which she is very dear to the Lord. Wise in getting Shri Radha from wherever she may be when Lord Krishna desires, she works towards their joyous union which is her reward.
Very much like Lalita Devi she is attributed with deftly carrying messages between Radha and Krishna with great expertise and is a close friend of the divine couple.
Vastralankara, or arranging for the clothing and adornment of the Divine Couple, is the service rendered by Visakha Devi.
She is precisely the same age as Srimati Radharani. Her mood is svadhina bhartrika, or one who controls her lover with pleasant experiences. Temperamentally she is adhika-madhya or moderately exalted.
She loves playing the mridanga, her favorite tune being raga saranga. Sri Visakha’s sweet transcendental singing eclipses the sound of the cuckoos.
Visakha-devi’s father is a scholar, thus she is very learned. A wise counselor she diplomatically handles the romantic dalliances. She has a great sense of humour and arranges for the Divine Couple to meet at different rendezvous for a myriad of romantic escapades. Skillfully painting flower and leaf patterns on Their bodies, Visakha makes crowns for Them out of garlanded flower and embroiders Their clothes.
Visakha supervises the dasis who produce and care for clothing; plus she instructs the maidservants of Vrindadevi for nurturing the flowers, vines and trees of Vrindavana.
Although she may appear second in importance to Lalita, Visakha is truly Srimati Radharani’s close girlfriend.
Visakha’s other form is the Yamuna River. Whenever Lord Krishna sights Visakha He instantly thinks of Sri Radha; whenever Sri Radha sees the dark blue waters of the Yamuna River She remembers Krishna instantaneously.


Physical description
Alike each other, Radharani and she seem almost twins. The famed saying,
‘Sri radhike tava carita-gunanurupam’,
means that her qualities and characteristics are very similar to Srimati Radharani’s.
Complexioned like vidyut, or lightning, she is decked in taravali garments adorned with clusters of stars.


Her family
Her father’s name is Pavana, mother is Sudaksina, and her husband is Vahika.


Visakha Devi’s birthplace
She appeared in the village of Kamai, that lies five miles from Varsana and four-and-a-half miles south-west of Umrao. South of Kamai are the villages of Si and Parson.


Her grove and Kunda
Her grove to the northeast of Sri Radha Kunda, appears like a megha or raincloud. Its environs are colored red, green, yellow and black and it is named Visakhananda.
The kund is to the south-eat of Sri Lalita Kund.


Kokila Vana
Kokila Van resounds with the music of the black cuckoo. A visit here during the Swati Nakshatra of Bhadra Shukla Rishi Panchami is of special significance. Today early in the morning Shri Shyam Sunder came to this forest and merging his voice with the song of the cuckoo made the environs echo with this sound. Shri Radha heard the call and knew it was her lover but how could she venture here alone.
Visakha Devi cleverly came up with a strategy and accompanied her to the place. The sakhis on the other hand longing for their Lord also arrived; treading on the path of love their feet never stray and inevitably lead to him. Kokila Van was blessed with this divine play.


Visakha’s eight Sakhis
Her main maidservant is Vilasa-manjari.
In Sri Visakha’s yutha, the chief sakhis are Malati, Madhavi, Chandra-rekha, Subhanana, Kunjari, Harini, Surabhi and Capala.


Visakha in Gaura Lila
Sri Visakha-Sakhi appears as Sri Ramananda Raya in Gaura-lila.


Obeisances to Visakha Devi
“Visakha-devi is the place where the youthful Divine Couple enjoy romantic and playful frolics. Her sweet transcendental singing eclipses the voices of the cuckoos. I say that Visakha-devi may become pleased with me and accept me as her student”.
“O bestower of benediction” O causelessly merciful Visakha. Within the society of the beautiful damsels of Vraja, you are the closest replica of Sri Radha Herself (regarding feminine qualities, nature and age). Therefore, overlooking my hundred of offenses, please be kind upon me and accept me as your maidservant”.




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