Various Other Incarnations Entered Lord Caitanya’s Body

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Sri Chaitanya’s Six Armed Form
  1. When Vasudeva, the first member of the Catur-vyuha, saw the dancing of the Gandharvas at Dvaraka Puri, His mind became agitated with the desire to dance as they did.

In order to fulfill this desire, Lord Vasudeva entered the transcendental body of Lord Caitanya, to participate in the Lord’s pastimes of ecstatic dancing.


  1. The Supreme Personality of Godhead who remains at Dvaraka also entered the body of Lord Caitanya, the son of Sacidevi, and various other incarnations of the Supreme Lord also entered Lord Caitanya’s body, all of them present there at the same time.



  1. The various incarnations entered the transcendental body of Lord Caitanya just as formerly Lord Parasurama entered the body of Lord Ramacandra.

Narada and other eternal devotees of the Lord also followed Him into this world to perform pastimes with Him in various places, just as the personified Vedas also did.


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