Vajranabha and the Deities of Dirgha Visnu and Gokulesa


Namaskaram 🙏

I have a question about what you wrote (here:
My question is, I do not find mention of some of the deities stated below (source:
tataḥ sa mathurāyāṁ ca dīrgha-viṣṇuṁ ca keśavam | vṛndāvane ca govindaṁ hari-devaṁ girīśvare || gokule gokuleśaṁ ca gokulādyojane balam | sthāpayāmāsa vajrastu hareśca pratimāśca ṣaṭ ||
Translation: “Then he (Vajranābha) installed Dīrgha-viṣṇu and Keśava-deva in Mathurā; Govinda-deva in Vṛndāvana; Hari-deva in Girirāja; Gokuleśa in Gokula and Balarāma one yojana away from Gokula. In this way Vajranābha installed six deities of Lord Hari.”
Specifically, I do not find any mention by you of “Dīrgha-viṣṇu” and “Gokuleśa.” I apologize for my ignorance. Please will you enlighten me about these deities and how I can see them?



Hare Krishna

The Deity of Dirgha Visnu is very famous in Mathura and it refers to Krishna’s pastime of becoming big (dirgha) like Vamana, right after having broken the dhanuryajna bow. It is not far from Bharatpura Gate. Anyone will point you to visit the mandira. I had no information that it was installed by Vajranabha. That from the Garga Samhita is the first I read.
About a Gokulesa Deity in Gokula, you may ask to Indradyumna Swami himself because I have no knowledge of any famous Deity there installed by Vajranabha. Maybe is known by another name.
Manonatha Dasa




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