Uddhava Kunda

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#Uddhava Kunda

Uddhava Kunda

This is the place where Uddhava, after meeting with the gopi, desired to have a future birth as an insignificant clump of grass in Braja. As you approach Uddhava Kunda, on the right side there is a small temple with Radha-Krishna Deities. These Deities are said to have been installed by Vajranabha.

Getting there
This place is a few km pass the town of Govardhana, on the right side of the road. You cannot see this kunda from the road. This kunda is about a half hourwalk from the town of Govardhana. It is next to a group of building. This kunda is on the back side of Kusuma Sarovara, on the other side of Govardhana Hill.


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