Surabhi Kunda





This place is where Surabhi got Indra forgiven, for the great offense that he committed against Krishna and the residences of Braja. It is a good-size kunda in the middle of the Kadamba Van forest.


Lord Indra asked the Surabhi cow to come with him to ask for the mercy of Lord Krishna, after Indra offended Him. Indra then went before Krishna and offered his obeisances. Then Surabhi approached Lord Krishna and asked Him to forgive Lord Indra.


“The transcendental surabhi cow, who also came with Inds to see Krishna, offered her respectful obeisances unto Him and worshiped Him. The surabhi offered her prayers to Krishna as follows. “My dear Lord Krishna, You are the most powerful of all mystic yogis because You are the soul of the complete universe, and from You only all this cosmic manifestation has taken place. Therefore, although Indra tried his best to kill my descendant cows in Vrindavana, they remain under Your shelter, and You have protected them all so well. We do not know anyone else as the Supreme, nor do we go to any other god or demigods for protection. Therefore, You are our Indra, You are the Supreme Father of the whole cosmic manifestation, and You are the pro¬tector and elevator of all the cows, brahmanas, demigods and others who are pure devotees of Your Lordship. O Supersoul of the universe, let us bathe You with our milk because You are our Indra. O Lord, You appear just to diminish the burden of im-pure activities on the earth.” (Krishna Book, Chap 27)


Getting there- If you are on the inside dirt parikrama path, this kunda is about 1½ km from Apsara Kunda. This kunda is about 30m (100 ft) to the left of the parikrama path, through a few trees. You will see a red sandstone build¬ing.

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