There are four kinds of material desires

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There are four kinds of material desires:

aihikesvaisana para-

trikesu caisana ‘subha

bhuti-vancha mumuksa ca

hy asat-trsnas catur-vidhah

The desire for material objects, for heavenly comforts, for mystical powers, and the desire for liberation are the four types of material desires.

The four types of offenses:


tadiya-cit-kanesu ca

jneya budha-ganair nityam

aparadhas catur-vidhah

These are: offenses to the name, to the form of the Lord, to devotees and to living entities.

There are four weaknesses of heart:

tucchasaktih kutinati

mat saryam sva-pratisthata

hrd-daurbalyam budhaih sasvaj

jneyam kila catur-vidham

Intelligent people know the following four types of heart weakness: attachment to objects that are not related to Krishna, deceit, seeing the error in others, envy, and the desire for fame.

These anarthas give birth to four enemies – kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada and matsarya – that is, lust, anger, greed, delusion, pride and envy. These anarthas generate six waves – soka, moha, ksut, pipasa, jara and mrtyu – meaning suffering, delusion, hunger, thirst, old age and death.

The plant of devotion cannot grow unless these anarthas are abandoned.


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