Their Smiling Resembled the Moonshine

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In order to convince Brahmā that all those calves and boys were not the original ones, the calves and boys who were playing with Krishna transformed into Visnu forms. Actually, the original ones were sleeping under the spell of Brahmā’s mystic power, but the present ones, seen by Brahmā, were all immediate expansions of Krishna, or Visnu. Visnu is the expansion of Krishna, so the Visnu forms appeared before Brahmā.

All the Visnu forms were of bluish color and dressed in yellow garments; all of Them had four hands decorated with club, disc, lotus flower and conch shell. On Their heads were glittering golden helmets inlaid with jewels; They were bedecked with pearls and earrings and garlanded with beautiful flowers. On Their chests was the mark of Śrīvatsa, Their arms were decorated with armlets and other jewelry, and Their necks were just like conch shells. Their legs were decorated with bells, Their waists with golden belts, and Their fingers with jeweled rings.

Brahmā also saw that upon the whole body of each Lord Visnu, from the lotus feet up to the top of the head, fresh tulasī leaves and buds had been thrown. Another significant feature of the Visnu forms was that all of Them were looking transcendentally beautiful. Their smiling resembled the moonshine, and Their glancing resembled the early rising of the sun. Just by Their glancing They showed Themselves to be the creators and maintainers of the modes of ignorance and passion.

Visnu represents the mode of goodness, Brahmā the mode of passion, and Lord Śiva the mode of ignorance. Therefore as the maintainer of everything in the cosmic manifestation, Visnu is also the creator and maintainer of Brahmā and Lord Śiva.


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