The Mañjarīs’ Activities and Rādhā’s Abode


Prātaḥ-līlā (6:00 a.m.—6:24 a.m.)

Śrī Rūpa-mañjarī and the other mañjarīs got up, bathed and anointed their bodies with sandalwood and unguents after Rādhā fell asleep in Her in-laws home. The mañjarīs wore Rādhā’s prasādi garlands, clothing and ornaments to enhance their natural beauty. The mañjarīs, who had rejected all personal desires, manifested charming qualities and splendid behavior as they engaged in Rādhā- Govinda’s loving service.

A single ray of brilliance from the tip of their toes could easily defeat the flashing of lightning. Rādhā’s mañjarīs were the epitome of cleverness. Although each mañjarī was qualified to be a group leader[1], they had no inclination because they were ever immersed in the sweet ocean of Rādhā’s service.

Vṛṣabhānu Mahārāja, out of affection for his daughter Rādhā, had an incomparably beautiful palace built for Her on the northern side of Jaṭilā’s quarters in Yāvaṭ. Rādhā’s palace was full of light and decorated with the finest crafts. The magnificent palace was filled with ornate pillars, terraces, roofs, cornices, courtyards, varieties of rooms, doors and balconies. The unique building, illuminated by jeweled lamps, would astonish the eyes of any beholder.

There was a sapphire spire shining like a rain cloud on top of the palace. It was ornamented with a flock of glistening silver swans. When the peacocks saw the spire they took it as their friend the rain cloud and opened their tail feathers in joy. Looking closer they saw the silver swans, their natural enemies, and quickly closed their tail fans[2].

[1] Yūtheśvarī

[2] Krishna-bhāvanāmṛta 3.1-5



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