The Emergency Caused by the Asuras

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A long time had passed since Parasurama, the embodiment of the Personality of God, had come down to earth to purify it from those twenty-one generations of warriors who had not bothered to observe and defend the eternal laws of virtue.

The Kshatriyas’ women, having been deprived of their men, who had died by the wrath of the Lord, made a decision which, although authorized by the Vedas, was extremely serious. Since on Earth those who defended peace began to run out and the forces of evil persevered in their destructive work, they were forced to seek a measure that could revive the caste that in the past had worked so hard to maintain peace among peoples. So, the decision was made to have children with the most powerful Brahmanas.

Thus, blessed by the holiest class, the Kshatriyas that were born turned out to be very different from their ancestors; all spiritually evolved and rich in the purest knowledge, they behaved in an ideal way, restoring society to its former glory.


Since then, some eras have alternated.

While still in Dvapara-yuga, the negative influence of Kali-yuga began to be heavily felt. It was precisely during that delicate period that a fierce war broke out in the higher planetary system which saw Devas and demons in opposite fields. During those bloody clashes, the latter were ultimately defeated, so, decimated and without guidance or places to take refuge, they decided to incarnate on Earth in the royal families of the Kshatriyas.

Their plan was to dominate this world in order to regroup and unleash more attacks on their long-time enemies.

During those years, their births increased and the world was invaded by the arrival of millions of children who were the incarnations of the most evil asuras. In fact, from their first years of life, they began to create problems and disturb the people of Earth.

And so, peace was endangered again.

These demons, practically invincible in battle, united to form armies whose military strength was so vast that the Earth itself began to be unable to bear their physical weight.

It was at that point that Bhumi decided to seek the help of Brahma, the first being in the universe, not born of any woman but directly from the potency of the Lord. Then, Brahma summoned all the Devas and pointed out:

“You have defeated your enemies in battle, but they are regrouping on planet Earth. Now, since life there has become impossible, the time has come for you to lift that heavy burden from the humans. Defeat your enemies before they get too strong. Incarnate in the Kshatriyas families and destroy those evil forces.”

The Devas pondered a little, then responded:

“We certainly have to perform our duty to give relief to those who suffer, but we doubt that we will be able to win unless Lord Krishna accompany us. We have learned that the asuras have become very strong in recent years, and they have organized. He must therefore come and help us.”

Asked, Lord Krishna, who has numerous other names all equally wonderful to hear such as Vishnu and Narayana, replied:

“I will follow you. Incarnate on Earth in the families of the Brahmanas and the Kshatriyas. We will soon engage the asuras in battle and force them to hole up in the lower planets.”

Having obtained the assent of the Lord, the Devas began to be born in large numbers. Their physical power and warrior skills were immeasurable so that from their childhood they faced the demons and killed them by the thousands and hundreds of thousands until the turning point of the Kurukshetra war arrived.

“Now, listen in detail how it happened,” Vaishampayana said.


This is a section of the book “Maha-bharata, Vol. 1”.

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