The devotee who fasted for the absence of Lord Ramacandra

So Mahārāja Ikṣvāku, the first king of the dynasty in which Lord Rāmacandra took birth, very pious family. So Ikṣvāku Mahārāja. The worship of Lord Rāmacandra began from Mahārāja Ikṣvāku. Mahārāja Ikṣvāku used to worship the Deity of Rāmacandra, Rāma-Sītā. Therefore in their family Lord Rāmacandra appeared. That Deity is still existing in some part of South India. The Deity was being worshiped in the family since Mahārāja Ikṣvāku, and during when Lord Rāmacandra was personally present, this Deity was kept in His bedroom. So one brāhmaṇa, he used to come and see Lord Rāmacandra. Then he would take his…, break his fasting, breakfast. That was his principle, regulative principle.

So Lord Rāmacandra was absent for a week or so from the kingdom, and the brāhmaṇa did not take even a little water, because he could not see Lord Rāmacandra. Such a devotee. So Lakṣmaṇa informed King Rāmacandra that
“Here is a devotee, brāhmaṇa. You were absent from the kingdom for one week, so he did not take even a drop of water.”
So Lord Rāmacandra was very much pleased. Then He ordered Lakṣmaṇa that
“You give him that Deity which was being worshiped in our family, now it is stopped.”
So He delivered that Deity Rāmacandra to the brāhmaṇa, that
“When Lord Rāmacandra is absent from the kingdom, you can worship.”
This is authority.


Srila Prabhupada
Bhagavad-gītā 2.32 Sept. 2, 1973 London,

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