The Complete Kadacha Editions English Catalog

Hare Krishna dear Vaishnavas, 

We proudly present the entire English catalog available on Kadacha Editions.

These books cover a vast array of topics ranging from the pastimes of the Pandavas (Mahabharata Vol. 1 and Mahabharata Vol. 2), a biography of one of Srimati Radharani’s dearest devotees (Syamananda the Joy of Radharani), a variety of questions and answers given directly by Srila Manonatha Maharaja ACBSP (Brilliant as the Sun, A Sidelong Glance, and On A Silver Platter), and vivid descriptions of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna and their family and friends in Goloka Vrindavana (Sri Sri Radha Krishna Ganoddesa Dipika). You are sure to find something that catches your interest as these are just a few of the topics covered in our extensive library, which we hope will only continue increasing. 

We encourage you to browse through our catalog and consider purchasing one of these transcendental literatures. Thank you very much. Haribol! 


Yours in service, 

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