The Awakening of This Conjugal Rasa Had Never Appeared Within This Sampradaya

Glories of Govinda Kunda

Madhavendra Puri at one time travelled to Vrindavan. And he came upon a hill known as Govardhan. When he saw the Govardhan hill which is non different than the body of Sri Krishna, he was maddened in transcendental love. Sometimes he stood up, sometimes he fell down; and he was crying tears from the heart. Madhavendra Puri’s position is so special and his love was unique in this world. Although Madhavendra Puri appeared and took initiation within the Madhavacharya Sampradaya, the understanding of the conjugal love affairs of Radha and Krishna and the awakening of this conjugal rasa within one’s own heart had never appeared within this sampradaya, until Sri Madhavendra Puri revealed it to the world. 

So after circumambulating the Govardhan Hill, Madhavendra Puri went to Govind kund. That is the place where Indra after seeking shelter of Sri Krishna, he had sent the Samvartaka clouds due to being humiliated by the Lord – his pride smashed – in order to destroy all of Braja. But Krishna effortlessly lifted the Govardhan hill with the little finger of his left hand and called all the cows and all the braja basis under the hill; where they very safely and peacefully remained for seven days while the thunder and the rains were pouring down. And at last Indra seeing that this small seven year old child was none other than the Supreme Absolute Truth – the all mighty and all powerful Godhead – he came down and begged His forgiveness. And in Govind kund, Indra performed the abhishek ceremony for Lord Sri Krishna.


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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