The Art of Compassionate Fault-finding…

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After all, if we accept as true that this material world is a hell hole of suffering, then we had better apply ourselves to the true path of liberation, Harinam Sankirtana. If we accept that gaining the greatest gain of pure love for Radha and Krishna is indeed the goal, and if we accept that there are unwanted items in the heart impeding our progress, and if we know we haven’t made the true first attempt to make progress… then we should welcome the moment when someone points out a problem we may have that we have not fully taken action on, or perhaps are not even aware of. But if we have a non-offensive, non-envious mood, then we can hear such things and not irrationally defend ourselves for the sake of being right, only to defend my self-identity. If we can hear and digest the compassionate words of this well wisher, then perhaps great good fortune can be had.


Many souls on the searching path of pure devotional service have met with definitions of Krishna consciousness that are simply wrong, or have become bent over the course of time… and if you add the handicap of the limited English vocabulary, which has absolutely no spiritual references… so we must depend on the definitions that are clearly stated by guru, sadhu and shastra. But they have not been exposed to those definitions, or a living definition. Instead they are usually very proud in regard to the definitions they know, and this is very difficult to overcome. The nerve damage is deep, and the attitudes are wrong, and the understandings are incomplete. I take myself as a prime example. Accepting of definitions that were incomplete, and I say incomplete as a polite description, I had to overcome many, oh so many prejudices to come to the freedom of learning… basically relearning and redefining many of my personal devotional misconceptions. The solution is to always read and study Srila Prabhupada’s books very carefully. All his instructions are in his books, just as he said. Nothing is omitted, and if you look carefully, you will see his soft-hearted love for Krishna in every purport, and his urgency for us all to get Him also.


After observing so many devotees with immature spiritual education, and having to deal with so many superficial misunderstandings, and misplaced emphasis… meaning to be literally obsessed with the innumerable external “don’ts or even do’s… that the real purpose of taking to spiritual life to them is just following a long list of items that are impossible to perform perfectly. And they are always on the alert to point out what you just did incorrectly. After all, the essence of this whole affair is to become lovingly attached to Krishna and try to give Him to others. That is the only thing Lord Caitanya requested… “bolo Krishna, bhajo Krishna, koro Krishna sisksa” Chant Krishna, worship Krishna, and tell others about Krishna. But when those “others” hear only about the “do’s and don’ts”, and they form no true attachment to the Lord of Vrindavan, they will ultimately go back to their studies… get a job and call it a day. Why live such an austere life with no nectar?


We must spend time chanting with purpose, and we must spend time reading and discussing the essence of this incredible path of divine love. That is Murari’s business… getting this right.


So when a problem is pointed out to a devotee who is properly trained, they will not react with anger from the false ego platform, but will humbly listen, because they are eager for the real result of this practice, and they are willing to hear being corrected from a truly compassionate heart. Then they both experience profound attachment for each other.


Love and trust must win the day… salaries will never bring bhakti, and temples swirling with business activities will never attract a true seeker…. and a devotee world devoid of proper understanding of Harinam Sankirtana will never get that hard heart to open.


Melted hearts are Krishna’s passion… He rejoices when He sees a heart becoming soft like butter… and He will move into that place. Love and trust must win the day, because it brings the atmosphere that can accelerate that divine love. In the right association only, Vrindavan wonderfulness can stand. All other problems dissolve into the water volume in a calves’ hoofprint. So it is said… and so it be.


Until we meet again… Always on call, your servant because of his mercy… Gadidas


The Art of Compassionate Fault-finding…
or Just Being Spiritually Kind








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