Sweeping Sevakunja

Everyday Krishna dasa (Syamananda Pandita) requested Srila Jiva Gosvami to give him a special service.

Sri Jiva instructed him to sweep the forest grove of Sevakunja everyday.

From that day he began to carry out this service with great pleasure. He felt that his life had become successful. As he swept, tears flowed from his eyes. Sometimes he would loudly chant the names of Sri Sri Radha Govinda and sometimes he would become inert while remembering Their pastimes. Sometimes he would put the broom, which was full of dust, on his head. This blessing is incalculable.

Even Lord Brahma and Lord Siva pray to receive a little of this dust of Vrindavana on their heads.


From the book “Syamananda Pandita”


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