Surya Kunda: Dvaraka Baba

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In Surya Kunda there is a Samadhi of Krishnadas babaji.  He was living in Vraj and he was absorbed in Radha-Krishna lila. 

He then went to Dwaraka and became attached to the Dwaraka lila. 


After that he returned to Vrindavana and he was preaching about Rukmini and Dvarakadisha. 

A gopi appeared in his dream and said to him:

“You will never enter into Vrindavan again, you will go to Dwaraka.”.

He realised he made a mistake and he tried to get back into Vrindavana meditation and Radha-Krishna’s lilas. 

He could not do it. 

One night he wondered how he could enter into Vrindavan lila’s again – his body burst into flames and burnt up.


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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