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सुमध्य adj. sumadhya good in the middle
सुमध्य adj. sumadhya containing good things in the middle
सुमध्य adj. sumadhya containing good stuffing
सुमध्य adj. sumadhya slender-waisted
सुमध्य adj. sumadhya having a beautiful waist
सुमध्यम adj. sumadhyama fair-waisted
सुमध्यम adj. sumadhyama slender waisted
सुमध्यम adj. sumadhyama slender-waisted
सुमध्यम adj. sumadhyama mediocre
सुमध्यम adj. sumadhyama very middling or mediocre
सुमध्यमा f. sumadhyamA graceful woman
सुमध्यमा f. sumadhyamA elegant woman


The word sumadhya, translated here as “slender waist”, or a lady particularly attractive in the central part of her body, also means “graceful” or “elegant”. It is quite common in Vedic literature to appreciate aspects of the female body for its grace.
Maha-bharata, Adi Parva




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