Jhulana Yatra song

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“Today Lalita blissfully pushes Nagara Raja as He sits on the swing with fair-faced Rai on His left side, floating in an ocean of transcendental bliss.”
“How wonderful is Their beauty! Nothing in the world can compare to Them! Looking at Each other’s faces they laugh and kiss Each other time and again.”
“The Divine Pair makes so many gestures with the eyes and speak so many disordered words with faltering voices. Lalita and the other sakhis float in bliss as they beholdTheir moon-like faces.”
“Blissfully and slowly They swing and together They sing nicely composed songs, play flute, vina, upanga and sweet mrdanga and muraja-drums.”
“Some are dancing, making so many gestures, looking at the Divine Pair in total fascination, while the goddesses in the sky blissfully shower flowers. The whole ofVrndavana is filled with the sounds of ‘Jaya’, and Narahari is raving when he hears it.”

Narahari Sarakara has written this song. Aju Lalita Hindola Majha. The official name of this song is Jhulana Yatra Geet. In this song, Narahari Sarakara has described the divine swing pastimes of Lord Krishna and Srimati Radharani.

aju lalita hindola majha
range jhulato nagara raja
rai suvadani vama pasa
koto hu ananda sayare bhasa

kiba adabhuta duhuka sobha
nahiko upama bhuvane lobha


duhuka vadana duhu se heri

hasi cumba dei beri beri

ankhi bhangi kori koteko bhanti
kohe gada gada rabhase mati
lalitadi sakhi se sukhe bhasi
nehare dohara vadana sasi

range jhulayato manda manda
miliya gaoyate pada suchanda
bajate venu vina upanga
madhura mrdanga muraja canga

keho nace koto bhangi kori
ati mohita ta dohe heri
sura-nari nija gana sange
puspa vrsti koroto range
jaya sabada vrndavana bhari
suni range mate narahari


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