Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.1.16 – ko vā bhagavatas tasya

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ŚB 1.1.16
को वा भगवतस्तस्य पुण्यश्लोकेड्यकर्मण: ।
शुद्धिकामो न श‍ृणुयाद्यश: कलिमलापहम् ॥ १६ ॥


ko vā bhagavatas tasya
śuddhi-kāmo na śṛṇuyād
yaśaḥ kali-malāpaham


kaḥ — who; vā — rather; bhagavataḥ — of the Lord; tasya — His;
puṇya — virtuous; śloka-īḍya — worshipable by prayers; karmaṇaḥ — deeds;
śuddhi-kāmaḥ — desiring deliverance from all sins; na — not; śṛṇuyāt — does hear;
yaśaḥ — glories; kali — of the age of quarrel; mala-apaham — the agent for sanctification.


Who is there, desiring deliverance from the vices of the age of quarrel,
who is not willing to hear the virtuous glories of the Lord?


The Age of Kali is the most condemned age due to its quarrelsome features. Kali-yuga is so saturated with vicious habits that there is a great fight at the slightest misunderstanding. Those who are engaged in the pure devotional service of the Lord, who are without any desire for self-aggrandizement and who are freed from the effects of fruitive actions and dry philosophical speculations are capable of getting out of the estrangements of this complicated age. The leaders of the people are very much anxious to live in peace and friendship, but they have no information of the simple method of hearing the glories of the Lord. On the contrary, such leaders are opposed to the propagation of the glories of the Lord. In other words, the foolish leaders want to completely deny the existence of the Lord. In the name of secular state, such leaders are enacting various plans every year. But by the insurmountable intricacies of the material nature of the Lord, all these plans for progress are being constantly frustrated. They have no eyes to see that their attempts at peace and friendship are failing. But here is the hint to get over the hurdle. If we want actual peace, we must open the road to understanding of the Supreme Lord Kṛṣṇa and glorify Him for His virtuous activities as they are depicted in the pages of Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam.

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