Sri Krishna’s paternal grandfathers

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The wives of Catu and Vatuka

Dadhisara and Havihsara are the wives of the previously mentioned Catu and Vatuka, who are the sons of Rajanya.

Carumukha (Sumukha’s brother) has a handsome son called Sucaru.

Sucaru’s wife (Tulavati)

Gola’s niece Tulavati is Sucaru’s wife.

Like Sri Krishna’s paternal grandfathers

Tundu, Kutera, Purata and others are like Sri Krishna’s paternal grandfathers[1].

Like Krishna’s maternal grandfathers

Kila, Antakela, Tilata, Kripita, Purata, Gonda, Kallotta, Karanda, Tarishana, Varishana, Viraroha, Vararoha and others are just like maternal grandfathers to Sri Krishna[2].

[1] The reason is that they are about of the same age of Sri Parjanya Maharaja and live in close proximity to him.

[2] They are of the same age as Sri Sumukha and live close to him.


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