Different Types of Commentaries

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A sutra is an aggregation of short formula-like assertions.



A bhasya is an explanation,

a commentary made to to unpack and weave together.



A varttika is a sub-commentary on a bhasya, defending its particular construction of the sutra over alternatives, making revisions and adjustments if necessary.



A vyakhya is a commentary.

  1. explanation: VARIABLE NOUN

If you give an explanation, you give reasons why something happened, or describe something in detail.

Example: The parents want an honest explanation of what happened.


  1. exposition: COUNTABLE NOUN

An exposition of an idea or theory is a detailed explanation of it.



  1. interpretation: VARIABLE NOUN

An interpretation of something is an opinion of what it means.

Example: The Finance Minister put a different interpretation on the figures.



Vivarana or a Vritti





stating the meaning of the word


vigraha = analysis of grammatical compounds (samAs)



construing the sentences


Akshepusu samadhan

solving problems


A commentary which confines itself to this role is called a vivarana or a vritti.



A tika is a commentary made to elucidate obscure or otherwise tricky words. It is an annotation. This is defined in the Sabdarthachintamani. It is comparable to the English word “gloss”.

It is an annotation.



टिप्पणी     f.       TippaNI      gloss

टिप्पणी     f.       TippaNI      note 

टिप्पणी     f.       TippaNI      remark      

टिप्पणिका  f.       TippaNikA   gloss [commentary]    

टिप्पणिपुस्तक      n.      TippaNipustaka   notebook   

टिप्पणीपुस्तिका    f.       TippaNIpustikA    notebook   

टिप्पणीं लिखन्तु    sent. TippaNIM likhantu        Please


take notes.     


टिप्पणीं किञ्चित् ददाति वा?       sent. TippaNIM kiJcit dadAti vA?   

Example: Would you kindly lend me your notes? 


टिप्पणी     f.       TippaNI      comment


provides an explanation, interpretation, or paraphrase for (a text, word, etc.).



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