Sri Krishna’s Beloved

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Sri Krishna’s beloved

Now Sri Krishna’s most beloveds are mentioned.

They are decorated with the fortune of excessive prema, which is even greater than that of Lakshmi and others.


Srimati Radharani and Her friends


Among the gopis of Vraja, Vrindavanesvari Radha is the foremost. Lalita, Visakha and others are renowned as Sri Radha’s principal sakhis.

Candravali, Padma, Syama, Saibya, Bhadrika, Tara, Vicitra, Gopali, Palika, Candrasalika, Mangala, Vimala, Lila, Taralakshi, Manorama, Kandarpa Manjari, Manjubhashini, Khanjanekshana, Kumuda, Kairavi, Sari, Saradakshi, Visarada, Sankari, Kunkuma, Krishna, Sarangi, Indravali, Siva, Taravali, Gunavati, Sumukhi, Keli Manjari, Haravali, Cakorakshi, Bharati, Kamala and other gopis are Krishna’s beloveds.

These beautiful gopis have hundreds of groups (yuthas).

The number of the prominent gopis divided into these groups is also vast.

Out of all the gopis in these groups, Radha, Candravali, Bhadra, Syamala, Palika and others are Sri Krishna’s pre-eminent beloveds due to their incomparably good qualities.

Again among these gopis, Radharani and Candravali are the two most prominent. Both of them have vast numbers of deer-eyed Vraja-damsels in their respective yuthas.

Of these two, Srimati Radharani is well known as the most prominent beloved of Sri Krishna. She is the pinnacle of all sweet transcendental qualities. The Srutis call Her Gandharva.

Sri Krishna, whom no one can equal nor excel in sweetness (madhurya), is Radharani’s beloved. Krishna is so much dearer to Her than Her own life, that it can be compared to the amount one gets when multiplying the number pararddha[1] with itself.


[1] One half of Brahma’s life span. The significance here is that Radha’s love for Krishna is unlimited times more than even the sum resulting from multiplying unlimited pararddha with unlimited pararddha. In other words, no one can imagine how much She loves Him.


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