Special Description of Different Services of Some Sakhis

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Special description of different services of some sakhis

The eight sakhis beginning with Lalita, the manjaris and all the members of their groups (ganas) share almost identical forms (sarupya) with Sri Radha; they are endowed with a beauty that resembles Vrindavanesvari’s[1] beauty.

Vrinda, Kundalata and other sakhis traverse the forests and gardens and assist in the pastimes taking place there. Dhanishtha, Gunamala and other sakhis live in the very palace of Goparaja Nanda Maharaja.

Kamada, the daughter of a wet nurse, has a special friendship with Sri Radha. Ragalekha, Kalakeli, Manjula and others are Radha’s maidservants.

Nandimukhi, Bindumati and other sakhis remove the jealous anger (mana) between Radha and Krishna and arrange Their meeting. Syamala, Mangala and other sakhis belong to the suhrit-paksha[2].

Candravali is the famous leader of Radharani’s rival group.

Rasollasa, Gunatunga, Smaroddhura, Kalakanthi, Sukanthi and Pikakanthi are experts in singing, playing musical instruments and other similar arts. They are therefore Radharani’s gandharva-sakhis[3]. They especially please Krishna by singing songs composed by Visakha.

Maniki, Narmada, Premavati and Kusumapesala please Sri Krishna by playing on vamsi and other flutes, on vina and other string instruments, on dhola and other drum instruments, and on karatalas and other cymbal instruments.

Groups of Radharani’s sakhis

Sri Radha’s sakhis are divided into the famous groups of







[1] Srimati Radharani, the queen of Vrindavana

[2]  The party of gopis favorable to Radharani

[3]  Her musicians


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