Somehow I Must Bring Radharani and Give Pleasure to My Friend

Srimati Radharani dressed as Subala

Radharani’s disguise

Radharani gives a garland to Subala for Krishna

One day Srimati Radharani made a very nice flower garland for Krishna and gave it to Vrinda-devi,

“You take and give this to Krishna.”

Vrinda-devi thought,

“Subal-sakha is a priya-narma-sakha. He is very dear to Krishna. If Subal-sakha takes and gives it to Krishna, then Krishna will become very pleased.”

So Vrinda-devi gave the garland to Subal-sakha.

Krishna receives the garland

It was midday and Krishna was sitting on the bank of Radha-kunda.

Subal-sakha came and gave the garland to Krishna.

Then he explained everything — who had prepared the garland, how it had come to his hand, and how he was handing it over.


Krishna wants to see Radharani

Then Krishna said,

“Oh! I was just sitting here thinking about Srimati Radharani when you brought Me Her garland. My mind is very much agitated. Please help Me! Please help Me! Bring Radharani here. Please bring Radharani here. I want to meet with Her.”

Subala Sakha said,

“Oh my friend, this is not a good time. It is noontime. It is quite impossible to bring Radharani here now. Oh, my friend! Give up this hope. It is quite impossible.”

Krishna said,

“But My dear friend, My mind is very restless and agitated. Unless you bring Radharani for Me, then I will drown Myself in the Yamuna River and finish My life. I cannot survive.”

Subal thought,

“Oh? My friend cannot survive? He will drown in the Yamuna? All right, then. By hook or by crook, somehow I must bring Radharani and give pleasure to my friend.”

The friend’s mentality is to give pleasure. The sakhas always understand Krishna’s mentality.

Subal-sakha is very expert in all these activities.


Subala goes to Javat and tricks Jatila

He went to Yavat, Radharani’s father- in-law’s house.

Radharani’s mother-in-law Jatila had just finished taking her lunch and was sitting at the doorstep facing the window of Radharani’s room.

When she saw Subal, she said,

“Hey! Why have you come here at noontime?”

She knows,

“Oh, this boy has come for some purpose. Yes. He’s a naughty boy.”

“Why are you coming here at this time?”

Then Subal, with much humility, said,

“O mother! One of my calves is missing. I have searched all of the expected places, but I couldn’t find him. At last I have come here. He might be here. Mother, will you please go in and see if my calf is here? I will be freed from anxiety if I know my calf is here or not.”

Jatila became very angry.

“I have already taken my lunch. I cannot move myself. You go inside and see.”

He was expecting her to say that.

It was very difficult to go inside because she was sitting at the doorstep. So he got the opportunity.

Remembering yogamaya Subala Sakha prayed, and then entered the inner apartment where Radharani was.


Subala talks to Radharani

He told everything to Radha.

“Krishna is sitting there on the bank of Radha-kunda, intensely thinking of You. You have to go there, otherwise He will drown Himself in the Yamuna.”

Radharani said,

“How will it be? This is an awkward time and My mother-in-law is sitting there at the doorstep. How can I go? How can I go?”

Subal-sakha has the same appearance as Radharani.


Radharani disguises as Subala

Subal-sakha said,

“All right, Radharani, You take my garments.”

He gave his dhoti, his kurta, his turban, and everything to Radharani.

“You put all of this on. Now, You give me Your sari. I will put on Your sari and remain here.”

They exchanged clothes.

Then how to get out? The keen eyes of Radharani’s mother-in-law Jatila and Her sister-in-law Kutila are there on Radharani. How to get out?


Now that Radharani was dressed in his clothes, Subal-sakha told Her,

“Pick up a calf. Hold the calf on Your breast like this, then go out.”

Subal-sakha had come to get his calf.

She did as Subal told Her.

Dressed in the form of Subal-sakha, She picked up a calf, pressed it to Her breast and passed through.

When She came to where Jatila was sitting, Radharani as Subal-sakha said,

“Mother, I got My calf.”

“Oh, You got Your calf? All right, very good. Now go away! Get out!”


Radharani got out and went to Radha-kunda and met Krishna.

Subala gets out of Jatila’s house

However, Subal-sakha was still inside wearing Radharani’s sari. How was he going to get out? Another problem!

Generally, at noontime, the damsels of Vrajabhumi all go to Surya-kunda to offer puja to Suryadev. Now was that time, so all the damsels of Vrajabhumi came out from their houses.

Jatila called out,

“Oh, daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law! Aren’t You going to go to Surya-kunda to offer puja to Suryadev?”

Imitating Radha’s voice, Subal-sakha said,

“Yes, yes, mother. I am going, I am going.”

In this way Subal-sakha got out of the house and went to Radha-kunda.

Krishna became very happy because Subala-sakha brought Radharani before Him. Krishna looked at Subal-sakha and both of them were laughing.


This pastime is known as subala-milana.


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