Saunaka Rishi

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#Saunaka Rishi

Da fare

Genealogy 1: Brahma – Bhrigu – Cyavana, Ruru, Sunaka, Saunaka.

(Maha-bharata Adi Parva)


Genealogy: Dharmavrddha – Gunahotra – Gritsamada – Sunaka – Saunaka.

(Vayu Purana, 92, 26) .

In some parts he is also called Gritsamada, the same name as his grandfather.

Saunahotra, the son of the sage Sunahotra, once performed a yaga. Indra attended that gaga. At that time Saunahotra rescued Indra from an attack of the Asuras. Indra who was pleased. at this, blessed Saunahotra that he would be born in his next birth in the Bhrgu family under the name “Saunaka”.

It’s an important sage and author of many important works.






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