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Sarama is the female dog of the Devas. (Deva-suni). Syama and Sabala, sons of Sarama, were two prominent messengers of Yama and they possessed four eyes each. The offsprings of these dogs are called Sarameyas. Their father was Sisara.
#Sarama is mentioned in the Rig Veda as a companion of Indra. It is not specified here if the dog beaten by Janamejaya’s brother was any of the two.
More information about Sarama:

Sarama worships Brahma in his court.
(Sabha Parva, Chapter 11, Verse 40).

Sarama is a graha (Evil spirit) of Subrahmanya which enters the womb of pregnant women and steals the babies.
(Vana Parva, Chapter 230, Verse 34).

Sarama after having once drunk milk from dasyus lied about it to Indra, and he punished her.
(Varaha Purana).

Indra once deputed Sarama to find out the place where the Panis had hidden the cows on condition that he would feed her children. Sarama found out the place and informed Indra about it thus earning for her children their livelihood.
(Rig Veda, Mandala 1, Chapter 5 ).



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