Result Of Misusing Wealth Meant For The Lord’s Service

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In Bhakta-māla, there is an significant incident from the life of Tulasidāsji, author of Rāmacharita Mānasa. It is written that one time, Tulasi das was walking on a path after performing his usual circumbulation of the Lord’s temple. There he witnessed a unique scene. A white snake is resting on the path and is trying to say something! Simply by seeing Tulasidās, the snake is freed from his immense suffering.

It began to speak, “O Mahāmuni! Kindly bless me with your holy touch.”

Instantly by coming in contact with Tulasidās, the snake transformed into a saint! Tulasidāsji then asked,

“Holy man, who are you?”

The holy man replied, “I am known by the name Yoga Śrīmuni.”

Tulasidās further inquired, “How did you become a snake?”

The Holy man said, “This is due to misusing the funds collected for the service of the Lord and I was thrown into this lower birth.”

Misuse of wealth incidentally guarantees entry into hellish birth.

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