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Dear devotees and friends,

It is now possible on
to take action on the articles by adding your comments.
In addition, it is also possible to publish your writings as separate articles.


You can:
1. Comment on any article even without subscribing. But every time you have to add your email.

2. Comment on any article after signing up.
In this case you will not have to type your email every time.

3. Publish your articles. To do this you will need to register (for free) and request to be included in the category of authors.


About the comments

If you want to know when your favorite article is updated, you can subscribe to it thanks to the “Suscribe” option. You will receive notification to your email.

If you want to know if someone has added a response to a line of comments, you can subscribe to it thanks to the “Suscribe” option. You will receive notification to your email.


The simple rules of Isvara Blog:
1. Publish only things related to Krishna consciousness.
2. Except for extraordinary situations, political discussions are not allowed, that is, bickering between movements and devotees or talking about spiritual defects or weaknesses of anyone.
3. This is a blog edited by Srila Prabhupada’s disciples. Anything that undermines the figure of Srila Prabhupada as our Acarya is not allowed.
4. The tone of discussions must always be calm and respectful. That is, you can say “I don’t agree” but you can’t say “you’re saying nonsense”.
5. Have constructive discussions. Don’t write just to go against someone or something.


For any clarification write to us on
or to our personal email. Many of you have my email.


Welcome to Isvara Blog.

April 1, 2020



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