Rankini Devi Suspending Her Service

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Rankini Devi

Rankini Devi suspending her service

After taking initiation from Syamananda Prabhu, Rankini Devi did not go back to the kingdom of King Navina Kishora Dhal. She went to Sripat Gopiballabhpur with Sri Rasikananda Prabhu and started living in a new temple specially constructed for her in Belavan on the western side of Gopiballabhpur. She used to supply all the leaf plates and cups for the festivals organized in Sri Gopiballabhpur. However, due to the misbehavior of a servant of Sri Sri Radha Govinda, Rankini Devi became disturbed and discontinued her service for the last hundred years since the time of Mahanta Sarvesvarananda Deva Gosvami.


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