Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami

While Raghunath Bhatta was walking from Benarasi to Puri, he was thinking,
“I wonder if Mahaprabhu will remember me? I was a small child then, and here at Puri He was so many devotees, I doubt if he would remember such a worthless wretch as me. And even if He does I wonder if he will still show the same affection to me as He did at our house in Kasi.”
But when he arrived in Puri and was about to offer his dandavats to Mahaprabhu, Sri Gaurasundar called out,
” Raghunath”
and before Raghunath could offer his obeisances, Mahaprabhu embraced him very firmly.
Raghunath’s eyes filled with tears of joy and as he cought hold of the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu he spoke to Him,
“Oh most merciful Lord, You still remember me.”
“What to speak of this life! I remember the affection that you and your mother and father have showed to Me life after life.
How your mother lovingly fed Me everyday when I stayed at Kasi.”


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